Interview with Eightbomb

We love to present you a very active Psychobilly Band from Slovenia. They call their style Bombabilly and we talked to them before at Kicks Back Festival.


So here is what we said about them in the Kicks Back review:


This band has a very refreshing madness on stage. Lead singer Jure is always on the go and looks into the audience with huge eyes. In addition, he likes to spin a few very fast laps on stage with his guitar. It's best to let the pictures speak here. Anyone who knows me may also know that Matevž is my absolute favorite bassist. He has a way of playing the bass so wildly and passionately. Plus, with a “here’s johnny” face like in "The Shining", he always manages to make me feel like his contrabass is energized when he plays. Stand Up Drummer Urban not only rocks behind the drums but also likes to play them from the front or climbs a bit on stage. New entry Lev, on the other hand, seemed a bit stiff, but I'm sure he will rock the stage self-confidently in half a year.

Interview with Jure and Lev from Eightbomb

Navigator: You started as a band to fill in for one show. Last year you celebrated your 10th band birthday and published your 5th album. What do you think if you look back?

Jure: Well, I think we did quite a good job from the first gig as a trio - performing well known Elvis Presley & Johnny Cash songs, to releasing 5th album of original songs and performed all over Europe.



Navigator: Would you do something different if you could go back in time?


Jure: Not really, except maybe party even harder 😊



Navigator: I just discovered that you had an appearance in a famous pop show in Slovenia. What was that for a show and did it help you in your career?

Jure: Yes that’s true. The producers of Slovenia’s got talent contact us, if we would join the show, to make it more interesting for the audience. So we talked about it and decided: Why the hell not?

We performed in semifinal and it was a great experience, even though it didn’t help us a lot with the career. We did get a lot of offers to play on a wedding and house parties, hahaha…



Navigator: In 2015 you had a great loss, your lead guitarist Loz Jordaan died suddenly from a heart attack. How did you cope with that?


Jure: Well, it was a terrible time for us but we all knew what LOU would want, that is to keep on playin’ and making a good music. That’s what we did, we never stopped doing what we love the most and we continued. Lou will always be a part of our music and our lives, no doubt about that.

Navigator: Lev, you are the new band member, can you tell us a bit more about how you came to play with the band and how is playing and touring with the guys for you?

Lev: Eightbomb asked me to fill in after their tragical loss of Lou Jordaan, because they already had some gigs booked and didn’t want to cancel them. That is how my path with this boys started. I love this kind of music that’s why it wasn’t hard to decide if I wanna stay or not. Gigs are always awesome and being on the road with this fellas is unique every time. I LOVE IT!!!

Navigator: Jure, when we talked back in 2017, you liked to open your eyes wide on the stage. I asked you about that and you told me, you want to see all these beautiful people outside, so you open your eyes wide. Last October you told me you don´t do “the eyes” anymore, you do “the face” now. So what´s about your “new move”?

Jure: Hahahaha, I still do “THE EYES”, but I guess it wasn’t enough for me soadded “ THE FACE” 😊 I guess it’s the mood I get in when being on stage.

Navigator: I noticed that you have very few music videos. Why is that?

Jure: I guess we didn’t find the right song and idea for it, but we are thinking about one at the moment, for a brand new song. Let it be a surprise.



Navigator: All your guys play your instruments very passionate. Jure is bending and dancing on the stage, Matevz is playing the bass like crazy and Urban sometimes takes a walk ON his drums. That’s very entertaining but don´t you sometimes break your instruments or your bones by playing that passionate?

Jure: Every live band has its own stage performance as well as we do. If that means breaking some of the equipment or bones, then yes. For now we haven’t broke any bones, just some bruises from here to there. But what can I say ; THIS IS ROCK AND ROLL



Navigator: What´s about your new side project: Hank & his wild raccoons ;) ?


Jure: Well, you can never have too much of rock`n`roll!!! So when we are off duty with Eightbomb, we have fun some other way 😊 hahahaha



Navigator: What are your plans for 2019?


Jure: I think the plan is to make some new songs, maybe record some video and play as much as possible.



Navigator: If you could choose today, what will be written on your tombstone, in a hopefully far away future, what would you like it to say?

Jure: His last words were: “Hold my beer and watch this…”


Navigator: Thank you so much for your time and I hope to see you again in Germany this year.

Interview by  Brina

Quelle: YouTube