Interview with Knocksville

Today we like to present you a young and sexy Punkabilly band from East UK. I met Martin, Chris and Jason from Knocksville at Kicks Back Festival 2018 for the first time. I love their great show and music. When I talked to them, for the Kicks Back Review I had a lot of fun. These tree guys have a lot of humor and made me laugh so hard I had tears in my eyes. No wonder they gave me the funniest interview I ever had.

Credits: Anthon

Navigator: What does Knocksville mean and why did you choose this band name?

Martin: In the urban dictionary Knocksville means to go and have a fight. I only found this out after naming the band, but the origin of the band name comes from an idea my dad had for his band, but they decided against it so we nicked it instead.

Navigator: You told me at the Kicks Back Festival that you live for music and you love to play whenever and wherever you can. That's very cool but honestly do you love everything about the music business or is there something that really sucks?


Jason: We do love it all and really do live for the music. If we are honest though the main thing we find that sucks is some of the promoters that want to exploit bands. We have had it a lot over the last few years where we have been contacted to play a gig but as soon as you let them know your fee they make it sound like you should be privileged to play at their venue and almost expect you to play for free. The only problem is we are also a band that has day jobs and the music doesn't pay the bills so a lot of the time we have to use our money to pay for recording and merchandise whereas we would normally use gig money or the profits from the sales. So when we get told by a promoter "You'll get paid in exposure" it's a bit of a slap in the face.



Navigator: Your song "Dog with a Bone" has some interesting lyrics. As we all know a dog with a bone will bite if you come too close to him and his bone. The protagonist says that he is like a dog with a bone. I'm not really sure why that is. Is it because he wants to warn his partner that she is going too far in a relationship fight/mind game or is it to tell his partner that he will go nuts if someone is going to take her away? Can you help me with this?

Martin: Whoa... okay, erm... yeah that, what you said... nah it's just about a horny bloke.

Navigator: The protagonist in your songs seems to have a thing for problematic relationships. Am I correct?


Martin: Yeah, that's fair to say!


Navigator: Why do you choose this theme for a lot of your songs?


Martin: Truth be told I don't know why that is, it just comes out that way. Maybe I have some deep unresolved issues that I can only express in songs. I also have seen and learned a lot from friends relationships that I must take on board when writing. I have been trying to stay away from that theme though, on the new songs we've written I've tried to keep the lyrics away from relationships and more about life... Ah I don't know, if the tune sounds good it doesn't matter what the lyrics are about anyway, ay???


Navigator: Why did you choose to make a cover version of Michael Jackson's "Black or White"?


Chris: We took part in a battle of the bands, and one of the requirements was to cover a Michael Jackson song. We chose "Black or White". It got a good reaction so we keep playing it.


Navigator: Why did you write a song about Mr. Ducktail?


Martin: Me and the old bass player were on the train back from London one night after the ‘sin city’ festival, and I remember seeing one of Mr. Ducktail's flyers on the table. I thought it was a cool name for a song and I’m pretty sure we wrote a few lyrics on the way back home.


Navigator: How do you feel being called “sexiest band alive in Psychobilly” or “Backstreet Boys of Psychobilly”?


Jason: Well it’s a tough burden to bear but someone has to have that title, so might as well be us. (sarcastically) XD 🙄


Martin: I think they need their eyes tested!



Navigator: Do you have real “boygroup” groupies too?


Jason: Nope.

Well, I think you might have some groupies... ;) (editorial note)

Navigator: Martin, did you place or stack things on Jasons head more than one time while he was sleeping? If yes, what?


Martin: Only once at the moment, but I’m sure there will be other opportunities in the not so distant future...


Jason: And for me to get them back to...


Martin: Don’t think so mate...


Jason 🙄


Martin: Cool...

Navigator: What exactly makes your music “dirty” as it says on your Facebook profile: “Knocksville are the 3 piece blues infused dirty rock and roll band from Eastbourne”? a) the way you play b) your lyrics or c) you guys and that you play half naked ;)


Jason: If I’m honest I think it’s a mixup of all three options. The truth behind that is we used to advertise ourselves as punkabilly until one day we posted a live video online. We then had a comment and stupidly I answered it. Anyway we got into a disagreement and he was moaning saying the music was shit and so on and that we shouldn’t sub genre out of rockabilly or psychobilly and he hated people and bands that did that. So I asked him what genre he thought we should be labelled as and that was the description he gave 🤣🤣 so anyway I thought we would use it for a while as it made us laugh over the stupidity of his answer after moaning so much about sub genres and all. Now we just call ourselves a rock’n’roll band.

Martin: Also we forget to take regular showers.

Navigator: What are your plans from now on?


Martin: Erm, to just enjoy what’s ahead of us really. I can’t tell you how humbled I am from all the support we are gaining lately, it’s honestly been great and something I don’t think I’ll ever get used to. We’ve been a band for 10 years now (from the 1st Feb) and in that time we’ve had a lot of stick from certain crowds, played to big empty halls, small empty pubs, we’ve argued over not getting paid our £100 in London a few times, had people start fights with us whilst on stage on our first euro tour, we’ve come very close to splitting up all together. But man am I happy we didn’t. Right now I couldn’t ask for anything more music wise, we’ve met some incredible people, friends, and played with some amazing bands, also friends, and long may it continue! Much love to you all ❤️


Jason: Just to continue what we are doing at the moment I think. We are recording a new album this year with western star records so we are looking forward to that, and we have gigs and tours booked up that will see us to the end of this year. After that though... world domination 🤣🤣


Navigator: If you could choose today what should be written on your tombstone in a hopefully far away future, what would you write?


Martin: #tombestoneoftheday #gravedigger #6feetunder #🤘


Jason: “Here lies Jason Walder and he’s bloody annoyed”


Chris: In small writing “if you can read this you're standing on my head”

Navigator: Thank you so much for this awesome interview!

Interview: Brina

Translation: Alex

Quelle: YouTube