Blitzkid Reunion?

Interview with Argyle Goolsby

Blitzkid was a Horrorpunk band from the United States. Argyle Goolsby and TB Monstrosity founded it in 1997 in West Virginia. With six albums and a multitude of EPs and samplers, they became one of the most important bands of the Horrorpunk genre. Many fans were sad to see that the band announced their disbanding in 2012. Despite their absence, they stayed one of the most beloved bands for the Horrorpunks and even today, you can see tons of their pins, buttons and tees at Horrorpunk concerts.

On January 13th this year a rumor spread through social media. Blitzkid announced a new tour with over 30 concerts in the United States. Hundreds of comments with questions over questions were the result of this announcement. We relayed the most frequently asked questions to Blitzkid and Argyle Goolsby took a few minutes out of his day to answer them for you.

Interview with Argyle Goolsby

Navigator: Argyle, can you please tell us why Blitzkid had to break up?

Argyle: In 2012 Blitzkid was in a place where we were not collectively able to put as much energy and effort as we would like into the band. We felt like if we could not do things 110% and we should not do them at all. Blitzkid is a very important thing to us. It’s more than a band.It’s more the music. It is part of our lives, and it was very important to us that we protect the integrity of that so splitting up was the best choice.

Navigator: What happened in these 8 years without Blitzkid?

Argyle: Despite the fact that Blitzkid broke up in 2012, both myself and guitarist TB Monstrosity remained active recording and performing music through forming our own projects. TB created a gathering of none Which focuses on more experimental 90s metal, And I formed a band called the roving midnight which resembles the sound of Blitzkid In a lot of ways, but includes more dark wave and death rock elements. We continue to be active in both of these bands to this day.

Navigator: How did you guys get back together?

Argyle: Last year we were invited to play at Memorial show for Jason Trioxin- a friend of ours who recently passed away. Jason was the singer for the band Mister Monster with whom we were very good friends with.His family and friends wanted to put together a music concert in memorial for him, and they wanted as many of Jason’s favorite bands to play as possible. Blitzkid was one of the bands asked.Since Jason and his family are so important to us we felt it was a very good cause to bring the band together.We originally had no plans to do any more shows beyond this, but soon after we were given the opportunity to do this tour. We had such a good time at this show (despite the circumstances that brought us together) It just felt right to do a few more.A few more turned into 30 dates and the tour was born.Most importantly, we saw how happy it made everyone to see us play again.


Navigator: First there is an America Tour with 30 shows. Have you new material and are you planning to play it on the tour?

Argyle: There are no plans for the band after this tour. This is not the beginning of a re-formation or a new album or anything like that. We just wanted to get out there and play these songs one more time for everyone that’s kept our music alive.


Navigator: A lot of Blitzkid fans live in Europe. Will you come to Europe again?

Argyle: Europe has always been very important to us. Especially Germany. We have probably toured more over there than we have in our own country, and we have always been very grateful for the love we’ve been shown by all of our wonderful fans there.This tour happened very naturally and very sudden so there wasn’t a lot of time to plan the logistical challenges that a European tour brings.Since the announcement of our tour, we have been overwhelmed by and outpouring of fans messaging us to say how much they want to see the band again over there. Because of this, we are currently looking at what options we have to get over there as soon as possible. We simply cannot leave our European fans out of something like this.


Long live the horror!

Argyle Goolsby

Interview by Brina
Translation by Alex