Chris Kirkham aka Nim Vind

In our newest edition of Nachgefragt – Künstler im Gespräch (Inquiry – artists in dialogue) we’d love to introduce you to a very special artist: Chris Kirkham aka Nim Vind from Canada. Nim Vind can be roughly translated as freedom through insanity. He describes his music as “music for outsiders”. His music is highly emotional, sophisticated and catchy. He goes for metaphors and sophismata to get the message across. As a human being he is humorous, self-deprecating and could be described as a philosopher.


Full Name: Nim Vind of the 6th Dimension, year 6495

Nickname: that fuckin guy?!


Place of birth: a Nimbus Cloud

Age: see above


Instruments: flight deck, hammer, duct tape, ice pick, mustard, 12 sided dice

Addictions (like books or chocolate): books and chocolate while taking clonazepam.

Navigator: Chris, your first band was a project with your two brothers Bobby and Anthony. Is your whole family very musical?


Chris: Yes, my whole family is musical. My father played his whole career in the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra on the Trumpet. He's the only person I know with a musician’s pension. Anthony played in Nim Vind for the last 3 album cycles. This will be the first one without him. He's still part of things though so you never know when he may pop up again. Bobby aka Robby is someone I always play my new music for. He always has a great perspective on how to make a song great.


Navigator: Which role played music in your childhood?


Multiple roles! Babysitter, Councilor, provider, friendship when I had none, a place to escape to. It's still all those things today. There is a constant soundtrack playing in my head. I don't make musical art for money, fame, or attention. All that would be nice for sure, but I do it because I love it and am made of it. I would do it for free. Many times I do! I'm too stupid to quit!


Navigator: Please tell us about your first band Mr. Underhill.


Chris: Again? Haha. It was Nim Vind version 1. We did really well and we made two bands out of it. Robbie/Anthony's band The Vincent Black Shadow did amazing. I was lucky to be a part of it. Luck is more important than talent when it comes to making money. If you have luck AND talent you're golden!!


Navigator: Did you start your music career right after school or did you learn a job besides music? If yes, which one?


Chris: Yes, I started during high school! My first band was a speed metal band called Genocide. It was the first time I realized that girls liked guitars. It was really fun and made those times bearable. I absolutely hated high school. I used to have nightmares that I'd be back there. I wake up and be so thankful I never have to go back there. Then I'd masturbate. Haha!


Navigator: Most magazines and platforms describe your music as “Horrorpunk”. As far as I know, you yourself never use that term. How would you describe your music?


Chris: Yeah, genres are so utterly boring. I like all kinds of music. Why does anyone have to pick one? I love rap, rock, metal, punk, ethereal, electronic, classical, pop … Nim Vind plays it all...sometimes all in the same song!!! I don't know why I'm considered Horrorpunk but I love Horrorpunk, too. Zombies are super fun. The bands of that type put so much effort into what they do and are some of the nicest, most open minded people in music. So if I'm Horrorpunk than ok. But my songs aren't about Zombies or Dracula. Well maybe a couple...



Navigator: Is there something you really dislike about the music business?


Chris: Yes. The whole thing! It's a toilet bowl full to the brim with people trying to make fast money and get attention. It's supposed to be a celebration of melody and creativity. It seems like it might be getting a bit better now though. The less money there is to be made the more groups that aren't really music lovers will quit and leave it to the artists that really want to be artists. I'm not saying we shouldn't make money, but if you just wanna get paid n laid you should go be a lawyer.



Navigator: You told me, two years ago, your music is like a therapy for yourself. Would you still say it is therapy for you?


Chris: Yes definitely. My new album is called "Limbic Kicks". Artists are all crazy. We take the beating so you don't have to. But we have a great time doing it. Guys like Howie Wowie understand. We're modern day pirates. Who doesn't want to be a pirate?? I try and make sense of my mind and my world through music and I go all over the world meeting people who found it somehow and I go pirating with them. It's the best!!


Navigator: Do you think that music can be the answer to people’s problems? It can be a helping hand.


Chris: I don't think it can solve someone's problems literally but it can be the soundtrack to that experience of trying to get through it. I guess it all depends on whether you see challenges as problems… mostly everything means absolutely nothing when you really think about it. I always laugh at how people wave around pieces of paper with writing on it that's supposed to be very important to us all.  I say to them "Yo, homie, that's a piece of a tree you scribbled on. The universe doesn't care about your paper, animals don't care about it, the rocks think you're an idiot."


Navigator: Why did you choose to cover David Bowie´s song White Magic?


Chris: I love David Bowie and I love that song. I always wanted to hear a darker, more rockin version of it.  I was thinking about it one day and imagining what that would sound like. Before you know it, I was playing it on my guitar and figured I would record it as a humble tribute to a song writing legend. Bowie was an incredible song writer and did so many styles. He created so many versions of himself. I love them all. I love the "Outside" album with songs like "Hallo Spaceboy". I hope people like "White Magic"! I would've loved to meet Bowie n play it for him. Hopefully he wouldn't punch me.


Navigator: Are you still wearing all your necklaces?

Chris: You know I am.
(Chris is wearing quiet a lot of necklaces. Most of them are presents. After some time they got entangled. I was wondering if he still wears them all, since we talked in 2017, or if he had to take them off.)


Navigator: Will you come to Germany again this year?


Chris: I hope so! I love it there!


Navigator: What are your plans for the future?


Chris: I'm finishing my album and am trying to telepathically summon aliens to come get me.



Navigator: If you could choose today, what should be written on your tombstone, in a hopefully far away future, what would you write?

Chris: "Get me outta here! Someone poured concrete on me!"


Navigator: Thank you so much for your time and thank you for your music!

Interview by Brina

Quelle: YouTube